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he’s managed to clear up the rumors through a sketch and be funny at the same time. Don’t tell me he isn’t perfect.

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“Will you go steady with me?”

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SNL | 3813 Abstinence advice for Valentine’s Day. [x]

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Justin trying hard not to laugh while doing the skit.


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Title: Make You Believe
Artist: Justin Bieber

Justin’s exclusive song “Make You Believe”

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Title: Move Bitch feat. Mystikal & I-20
Artist: Ludacris


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AMA’s 2010 -> AMAs 2012. 

Nothing’s Changed :)

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October 10th 2012 has most definitely been the best day of my life. I went early and made friends with a ton of cool people. After a while of waiting by the tour buses, Kenny and Fredo came out smiling and waving, but went into the venue before anybody could talk to them. But luckily, Kenny came back. I somehow managed to get Kenny’s attention by calling out, “Hey Kenny” and he was like “Huh” and I’m like we have matching tattoos (we both have treble clef tattoos). He looked up and I showed him my wrist and he nodded in approval and said “nice” or “cool” or something along those lines. I also complimented his slippers haha. After some more talking he left to go take a shower, and at that point Scrappy and Allison came out and talked for a little. Once they were gone, my friends and I moved from the buses, to the loading area and saw Moshe. But then Tay came over on a Segway and distracted us all, he’s super nice! Then Dan came out! He was beyond sweet. I had talked to him on the phone while they were touring in Japan during the “My World hotline” and he remembered me as the “Vancouver girl.” We talked about Carly, and Vancouver and a few other things and he’s such a genuinely nice person I couldn’t believe he was standing in front of me having a REAL conversation with me. At this point, the friend who I was going to the concert with arrived and we went to get our wristbands…to meet Justin! Oh my…once I opened the curtain I was in awe. I didn’t realize he was right there so I was beyond shocked when I heard him say “Hey sweetheart! How are you” I literally blurted out “Holy shit you’re perfect” and he replied with “Thank you sweetheart come here” and so I went in for a hug and he smells amazing and he gives the best hugs. I was just holding on to him the entire time and didn’t wanna let go. It goes by so quick I couldn’t believe it was happening I just kept staring at him. The kid really likes to say “Sweetheart” though. I’m sure he said it about half a dozen times. For picture time, he had his arm around me and was actually holding on tightly and it was just the best feeling. He’s flawless. But that’s not it. As I was walking out of the Meet and Greet curtain, I saw Fredo! I said his name and pulled him out with me and hugged him and told him how much I love him and how amazing he is. I had gotten a customized hat for him and so I got to give him that. He loved it. He told me he was going to wear it on stage and that he was gonna rock it all night. Then we posed for a picture and he kept saying “one more” “one more” to my friend who was taking them. He’s honestly such an amazing guy. As I was about to leave he kissed my cheek and told me to have fun and to watch out for him. As if that wasn’t enough Fredo tweeted me saying it was nice meeting me. I freaked out cause I never gave him my Twitter. He asked my name as we were talking and I said  “Pargol” but I didn’t think he even heard or understood cause I was rambling. Then a little later he tweeted me again! This time he sent me a picture of himself posing in the hat I gave him :’) Honestly made my night. Finally it was time for the show. It was my 5th of 6th time seeing Carly so no doubt I thought she was brilliant. But then Justin, wow the choreography was amazing, the singing was amazing, the entire production was beyond words.  At one point he made eye contact with me and walked right over to me and grabbed my hand. I just about died right there. Oh and Fredo didn’t lie. He rocked my hat on stage ‘She Don’t Like The Lights.’ Overall my night was incredible. The crew is just so sweet and Justin is wow. I’m forever grateful. Up until the night before the show, I never thought anything like this was possible for me… but it happens. Never give up, and I promise you it will happen. I’ve been waiting for my opportunity since November 1st 2009 when he first canceled a M&G in Vancouver and tried and tried every chance I got since then and I didn’t succeed until 3 years later.  But it happened and it was worth the wait. -@PargolHamidi

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“Be quiet, don’t say a word. Don’t say no, girl, I’m all yours. Love me like you do but let me go first…”

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